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Am I allowed to take the urn of the deceased home?
No, you are not. The current funeral law does not permit to keep or bury an urn at home. The ash must be buried in a grave. According to German provisions, a burial must obligatorily be effected in a designated cemetery.

Am I allowed to keep my deceased at home after the death?
Yes, you are. It is permitted by law to keep the deceased at home and to have him or her laid out there up to three days upon death. Do not forget to inform us to ensure we can settle the necessary formalities and implement the required hygiene measures.

May I be sure that my deceased will not be mistaken for someone else after cremation?,
Yes, you may definitely be sure. Such a confusion is technically impossible. Every coffin is cremated separately and is labelled with the name of the deceased. We have cremations exclusively executed by the crematory Bonn-Rhein-Erft GmbH, thus ensuring a careful and proper work.

My husband did not desire any flowers at the funeral service. He wanted a charity to receive donations from the mourners instead. How do I implement this wish?
It is an honourable last gesture of a deceased to collect donations. For this purpose, we establish donation accounts and reliably supervise their maintenance and final settlements. We will also include a respective call for donations in the bereavement printing.

Can the House of Farewell also be used for Christian funeral services or do they have to take place in the cemetery chapel?
Most of the funeral services which take place in our House of Farewell are Christian ceremonies. Surviving dependants are free to choose a place where the funeral service is supposed to be held. Our house can, of course, be used by people of all faiths as well as for non-denominational funeral services.

Are the expenses of a funeral predictable?
Yes, the expenses are largely predictable. As we offer very individual services, the expenses may vary. A detailed list will give you an insight in all related expenses including third-party costs. In addition, we verify invoices of third parties, such as musicians, speakers, etc.

How much time do I have to pay the invoice of the funeral expenses?
As a rule, the period for payment is 21 days after invoice date. As we co-operate with the ADELTA.FINANZ AG, you may extend the payment period to up to 24 months. In this case, interest will have to be paid, though. As a special service, we also offer to pay the total amount in three monthly instalments without any extra charge.