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Living will

Nothing is as certain as death, but nothing is as uncertain as the hour of death.

Nobody knows how long he will be able to conduct a conscious and healthy life. A living will is a written, precautionary statement which comes in force upon an accident or serious illness. It lays down which kind of medical treatment you desire. This affects life-sustaining measures which would normally be taken automatically. The living will may provide whether and, if so, for how long you would desire such measures or in which case life-sustaining measures are not supposed to be considered anymore. This living will may be informal but must be in written form. It has to be signed and dated. Ensure that you deposit the living will at home at a central place where it can be easily found. Furthermore, you should confide in a person who will be responsible and able to enforce your will in the case of emergency.

For more information, please visit the following web pages: www.bmj.de und www.bundesaerztekammer.de.