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How to explain death to children?

Of course, children have a lot of questions if their grandma or grandpa dies. In the event of bereavement in the family, a child should be allowed to ask any question it might have and it should definitely be involved in what is coming up. We recommend that you prepare your child for the funeral and explain what will happen: the funeral service, many mourners, burial with the deceased either in a coffin or an urn. You should explain that such a funeral is a religious or even very personal way of saying farewell. Children perhaps need other rituals than adults. A child knows other ways to express itself or its feelings and it might be helpful to use them: telling stories, painting, singing, screaming. Nevertheless, a child can express its grief even by means of withdrawal or aggression, which adults might hardly recognise as grief. Listen to your child and keep in mind that it might need some personal space. Understanding is the best consolation in situations like these.