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Financial Security

We are at your disposal. This means that you can entirely rely on us even concerning financial security. We co-operate with the Deutsche Bestattungsvorsorge Treuhand AG, a German Trust for funeral pre-planning, which guarantees that you may invest your money safely by establishing a trust account. Other options to make complete and reliable financial provisions are the payment by instalments or the conclusion of a funeral expense insurance. As members of the Kuratorium Deutsche Bestattungskultur e. V., a Board of Trustees of the Association for German funeral culture, we are able to offer you to conclude an affordable group funeral expense insurance at Nürnberger Lebensversicherung. We are pleased to answer any further questions in a personal conversation at any time. More information can also be found on the internet under www.bestatter.de. Partner Vorsorgerechner Vorsorgechecklisten Vorsorgebroschüre(Verband/Nürnberger etc.)