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Further partners


To fully concentrate on your needs and wishes in your time of mourning, the task of invoicing the costs for the funeral was assigned to our partner. Owing to our partnership with the ADELTA.FINANZ AG, a company providing invoicing services, we have been able to expand our range of services by adding a funeral financing business segment, thus enabling us to offer you more possibilities to finance a funeral. 
In addition to a payment due date of at least 21 days, payments by instalments over a period of 3, 6, 9, 18 or 24 months may be arranged on fair terms. 

Treuhand AG

Our company is a member of the Deutsche Bestattungsvorsorge Treuhand AG (German Funeral Pre-planning Trust), a service facility of the Bundesverband Deutscher Bestatter e. V. (Federal Association of German Funeral Homes), located at Düsseldorf, Germany, as well as of the Kuratorium Deutsche Bestattungskultur e. V. (Board of Trustees of the Association for Funeral Culture in Germany), located at Bonn. It was founded to secure funds for funeral expenses, which need to be deposited when signing a pre-planned funeral contract, and is subject to the strict provisions of the German Stock Corporation Law. The pre-planned funeral contract provides that your deposit shall accrue interest and guarantees that your money will be made available for a future funeral.


Digital Estate Services 
People are increasingly using the Internet. Today, more than 80 per cent of Germans are already surfing the Internet for private or business purposes. There has been an especially rapid increase in Internet purchases. Apart from the enormous growth of the online mail order business, there is an ever-increasing number of people joining social networks and platforms, whereby the number of older Internet users has increased at a disproportionately high rate. Almost half of the German population over 60 years is actively using the Internet. Nevertheless, everyone who uses the Internet, leaves a digital trace when opening online accounts, joining online networks and forums or making online subscriptions and contracts. Internet liabilities, however, will remain in force even after death. This being so, the digital estate of a deceased may cause substantial costs to his or her relatives, since most of us are not likely to inform even our most closest confidants about each online activity. Likewise, it is mostly uncommon to leave passwords or contract data. In this case, the assets of the deceased remain unknown, as well, and cannot be paid out to his or her heirs. A lack of knowledge and impossible access thus impedes to control the digital estate. Columba Digital Estate Services finally contributes to remedy this situation.