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Our facilities

The offices of Prinz Funeral Home at Drieschweg 44 are situated in the industrial area on the outskirts of Bad Honnef. We are looking forward to your visit here or at our branch office at Hauptstraße 24, situated in Bad Honnef city centre. 

Showcase exhibition

Transience of life, love, saying farewell: We would like to give you some suggestions on how to think about mortality and grief. The history of funeral culture, new types of burials and many other subjects are dealt with in our ever-changing showcase exhibition, which can be found at our office at Hauptstraße 24. Please don´t be afraid to take a closer look at an undertaker´s office!

House of Farewell

In its House of Farewell, Prinz Funeral Home has realised an architecture, which offers sufficient space and a home for the bereaved. Luminosity, space and the intensive colours of its artful windows help to find contemplation and create an atmosphere of hope - an atmosphere giving comfort and encouraging to say "yes" to life. In this house, spaciousness and intimacy were combined: The spacious mourning hall, which yet creates an impression of being protected, offers up to 100 seats and is well suited for larger funeral services. But even for saying farewell and laying out the deceased it is a suitable place. Here, relatives and friends may find a place of silence and tranquility, a place for sharing a last togetherness, a place for saying farewell to the deceased.

Our House of Farewell is equipped with a professional music system as well as a grand piano and provides enough space for solo instruments. Moreover, modern lighting spots create a pleasant and precise lighting scenario. Saying farewell to a loved one is something unique and should be a lasting memory for the mourning relatives.

Our rooms

For us, it is very important that people who go through a difficult emotional time feel comfortable and safe in our rooms. Therefore, our meeting and exhibition rooms are designed in an artful, modern architecture, which gives them a bright and welcoming atmosphere. We also have a bereavement library with selected mourning literature to be given out to the bereaved.

To ensure that the body of the deceased is laid out in safe and cool conditions, our rooms are equipped with alarm protection systems.

Sufficient parking spaces are available on site for mourners.