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Our history

In 1913, the brothers Karl and Friedrich Prinz established the Gebrüder Prinz OHG, located in the Hauptstraße 41 at Bad Honnef/Germany. As usual at that time, this company, being the local carpenter´s shop, also manufactured coffins.

After the Second World War, this family-owned company was expanded by four of the seven children of Karl and Maria Prinz by adding a furniture store as well as a shop for decorating hunting rooms. At the same time, the undertaker´s shop continued to develop into an independent and large-scale business line. In 1992, Mr Christoph Prinz, as a business administration graduate and certified funeral director, took over family business.

In 2003, Prinz Funeral Home opened its House of Farewell at Drieschweg 44, Bad Honnef/Germany. Hence, the carpenter´s shop owned by the Prinz brothers has developed into an efficient and modern funeral home, which, with a focus on quality and professional competence, responds to the needs and wishes of people in their time of grief.

In 2013 Prinz Funeral Home looks back on 100 years of company history. Today, apart from the House of Farewell, located at Drieschweg 44, and a branch office at Hauptstraße 24, this traditional company based in Bad Honnef includes a shop for sophisticated living and bedroom furniture, located at Hauptstraße 26.