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Seals of quality


Prinz Funeral Home is certified according to the criteria of Aeternitas consumer protection initiative. Funeral homes with specific characteristics in terms of quality and customer satisfaction are awarded this seal of quality. The task of Aeternitas is to review and compare the offers and operational strengths of funeral homes. This seal, for example, can be found in our showcase, in our showroom or on this website. Prinz Funeral Home participates in quality control checks on a voluntary and regular basis, thus guaranteeing high-quality standards.

Trademark of the German Funeral Directors Association

Our funeral home has been awarded the trademark of the Fachverband des Deutschen Bestattungsgewerbes e.V. (German Funeral Directors Association). 

This trademark is given to funeral homes with a professional and reliable management. It guarantees that a funeral is celebrated in a proper and dignified manner and that we provide expert and trustable advice to our customers. Moreover, this trademark stands for cost transparency, thus qualifying Prinz Funeral Home as a particularly reliable and customer-friendly company.

The quality management system of Prinz Funeral Home is certified according to DIN. Due to our co-operation with the German Treuhand AG, we ensure that your deposits will be safe upon conclusion of a pre-planned funeral contract.