A dignified farewell.
Peaceful memories.

At Prinz Bestattungen, our House of Mourning at Drieschweg 44 in Bad Honnef is a unique piece of architecture. It provides plenty of space to grieve and a comforting atmosphere that is second to none.

The light, space and the vibrant colours of the stained-glass windows make it a welcoming place for contemplation while at the same time creating an atmosphere of hope, consolation and optimism.

Space to


Our funeral hall can accommodate up to 100 people and offers a spacious yet secure environment for mourners. It is the perfect place for ceremonies large or small, final goodbyes and to lay out the deceased with dignity. For family and close friends of the deceased, it is a place of serenity for final moments together, a place of personal farewells.

Our House of Mourning is equipped with a professional sound system. It also offers sufficient space for solo musicians. State-of-the-art spotlights create pleasant light that can be directed exactly to where it is needed.

A final farewell is a unique occasion and should be a pleasant memory for friends and family. All our technical equipment meets the highest standards.

Secure, alarmed cooling rooms are available to cool the deceased and a secure environment to lay them out.

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Always ready to help.
+49 (0) 22 24 - 94 40 0