For financial support when someone dies. So that Prinz Bestattungen can focus more fully on the wishes and concerns of the bereaved, invoicing is carried out by a partner.

This collaboration has also allowed us to add a further service to our existing range: funeral financing. That means we can now offer you far more ways of covering funeral expenses.

Accounts can be settled either within the mandatory 21-day payment term or via alternative arrangements, such as instalments every three, six, nine, 12, 18 or 24 months. With fair terms and conditions.

Deutsche Bestattungsvorsorge Treuhand AG

Prinz Bestattungen is a member of the Deutsche Bestattungsvorsorge Treuhand AG – a service provider of the Düsseldorf-based German undertakers’ association (Bundesverbandes Deutscher Bestatter e. V.), and the advisory board Kuratorium Deutsche Bestattungskultur e. V. in Bonn.

The Deutsche Bestattungsvorsorge Treuhand AG was established to ensure that funds deposited when setting up a funeral plan are secured. In Germany it is subject to stringent corporation law: deposits must earn interest and can only be used for their intended purpose, to cover funeral expenses.

Digital legacy – Columba

When someone dies, their important online activities will need to be managed without placing an additional burden on their loved ones. To deliver this service, we partner with Columba.

Member of the Federal Association of Undertakers

Prinz Bestattungen has the seal of approval from the Fachverband des Deutschen Bestattungsgewerbes e. V, the trade organisation of German undertakers. This is a mark of our quality and acknowledges our high specialist standards and reliable company management. It confirms that our funerals are carried out in line with regulations and that we provide trustworthy, expert consultations for our customers. It is also a testament to the fact that Prinz Bestattungen is particularly customer-friendly and reliable.

Prinz Bestattungen holds DIN certification for the successful application of the recognised quality management system and works with Deutsche Treuhand AG. So, when customers set up funeral plans with us, we guarantee that their funds will be secure.

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