Help and support when someone dies

At Prinz Bestattungen, we offer help, support, care and understanding – without bounds. When loved ones are burdened by grief, we have the skill and experience to coordinate every last detail of the funeral for them. When there are so many decisions to make and so many needs are taking care of, we take the time to give them the attention and support they need.

We take care of every aspect of the funeral and memorial service, delivering a well-rounded and highly personal farewell that suits you and your loved one to perfection.

Prinz Bestattungen. Types of funerals

At Prinz Bestattungen, we offer interments, cremations as well as sea, woodland and other types of burials to suit your personal wishes..

Our funeral options

When somebody dies, we are available to support you. Just call us on 0 22 24 - 94 40 0 at any time of day or night, weekends and public holidays included.

Bestattungen Prinz

Always ready to help.

+49 (0) 22 24 - 94 40 0

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Always ready to help.
+49 (0) 22 24 - 94 40 0