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„As well as organising the perfect funeral, we have a special focus on the personal wishes and needs of the bereaved. We are all different, with our own personalities and stories – and at Prinz Bestattungen, we like to hear more. That’s why we take the time to speak with the bereaved and create a unique memory with them – a farewell that celebrates the life of the deceased and comforts the grieving.“

Christoph Prinz

„As undertakers, we fully appreciate our responsibility. We create final farewells for people and are deeply committed to funerals that meet different people’s cultural needs.

In delivering our services, we keep people’s cultural values and wishes firmly in mind and remain committed to fulfilling them. So, what can you expect from us?

Sympathy, personal attention and all the services you require – on the highest level in terms of both culture and quality. Every time.”

Werner Kragelund
Rainer Kubis
Susanne Engel
Karl Nadler

Bestattungen Prinz

Always ready to help.

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Always ready to help.
+49 (0) 22 24 - 94 40 0