Types of funeral and burial places at cemeteries in and around Bad Honnef

The two main options for laying someone to rest are burial or cremation. But there are also many special ways of interring their ashes. Prinz Bestattungen will be pleased to tell you more about the various interment options and grave sites at cemeteries in Bad Honnef and across the region.


With burials, the coffin of the deceased is buried in a cemetery, usually straight after the funeral service.


With cremations, the deceased is taken in their coffin to a crematorium, where their remains and coffin are burned. Funeral services can be held with either the coffin or the urn of the deceased (prior to cremation). Their remains can then be buried in a grave on a chosen plot, or in a row or anonymous grave. Over the years, funerals have changed, and there are now all kinds of special options available for interring ashes in a way that suits the deceased and their families.

Burials at sea

With burials at sea, the ashes of the deceased are lowered into the open sea in a soluble urn. This is carried out at least three miles from the Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic or Mediterranean coast. The data and precise location of the burial are recorded on a maritime map. These burials can be attended or unattended.

Memorial trees , FriedWald® and RuheForst® forests

Memorial trees are a special form of urn interment and available at the forest cemetery in Bad Honnef-Röhndorf as well as the Neue Friedhof (New Cemetery).* The ashes of the deceased are interred at the foot of a tree. This type of resting place is particularly popular for people who loved the great outdoors. And nature takes care of the grave. Tree burials are also available via FriedWald® and RuheForst®, both of whom offer burials in selected areas of forest across Germany.

Interment of ashes in the Mausoleum of Carstanjen

The Mausoleum of Carstanjen was erected in the late 19th century in the Plittersdorf area of Bonn, and ashes are still interred there today. Its architecture is impressive, and the natural yet powerful symbolism of the banks of the river Rhine in Bonn offers comfort for the bereaved.


Memorial diamond

A small amount of the deceased’s ashes can be turned into a synthetic diamond and incorporated into jewellery. The remaining ashes are interred according to the wishes of family members.

Other options for natural interments under trees in Bad Honnef and the surrounding area

FriedWald in Lohmar: www.friedwald.de

FriedWald Bad Münstereifel: https://www.friedwald.de/waldbestattung-bad-muenstereifel

Rhein-Ruhe Bad Breisig: https://www.rheinruhe.de/

Ruheforst Hümmel: https://www.ruheforst-huemmel.de

FinalForest-Rest in Trees, Hümmel: https://www.restintrees.de/

Waldfriedhof Heiderhof, Bonn (Bad Godesberg)

Waldfriedhof Oberdollendorf (Königswinter)

Oase der Ewigkeit, Eitorf: http://www.naturbestattungen.de/begraebniswaelder

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