First steps when someone dies

When someone dies in hospital or at a care home for the elderly or infirm, the staff there will call a doctor to confirm and certify the death.

If they die at home, their family will need to notify the doctor. If the death occurs outside surgery hours, you will need to call the emergency services. The number to dial is 116 117 from anywhere in Germany.

Prinz Bestattungen is also available to help – at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Call us on 0 22 24 - 94 40-0. We’ll take the time you need to talk about what to do next.

For us to take action, the following documents will be important. We will gladly help you fill in any details that may be missing.

Important documents when someone dies:

  • The deceased’s ID and health insurance cards
  • Their family register, or their birth and marriage certificates
  • For widows and widowers: their spouse’s death certificate
  • For divorced individuals: their valid divorce decree
  • Their latest pension/benefits statement
  • Their life insurance and funeral expense insurance documents (originals)
  • Their party and/or union membership cards/books
  • Their disabled pass, possibly with stamp
  • Clothing and any personal items to be placed in the coffin with them
  • If available: their grave certificate, funeral plan contract and other directives

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Always ready to help.
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